AzerTelecom closely cooperates with various local and foreign telecommunication operators in the implementation of “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program. Over 30 documents of cooperation have been signed so far with the telecommunication operators of the countries in Europe, Caucasus, Central and South Asia and Middle East under the projects in the framework of “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program.

Local and foreign partners

AzerTelecom has built solid relations with various organizations working in the public and private sectors in the implementation of various projects within the Azerbaijan Digital Hub program.

AzerTelecom is a member of respected organizations such as Caspian Energy Club, American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AMCHAM) and German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (AHK Azerbaijan).

AzerTelecom actively cooporates with telco companies of the various countries under “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program, including but not limited to “Transtelecom”, “Caucasus Online” “China Telecom”, “Huawei”, “DE CİX”, “ТрансТелеКом”, “McKinsey and Company”, “Axiom” and “Detecon”.



Become a partner

AzerTelecom is open to new partnerships and cooperation opportunities to achieve its strategic goals set within the “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program, to strengthen the telecommunications infrastructure in Azerbaijan, as well as in countries where such cooperation is feasible, to accelerate the digitalization process, and to build a digital ecosystem.

We invite all stakeholders to mutually beneficial cooperation.

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