About the program

The “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” is implemented by AzerTelecom, a backbone internet provider connecting Azerbaijan to the global internet network, with the view to transform Azerbaijan into a regional digital hub. The program is aimed to upgrade Azerbaijan's telecommunication ecosystem to align with the best international standards, to eliminate the country's dependence on foreign countries for Internet access, to add Baku to the global internet map and to establish an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the country. The program is also designed to transform Azerbaijan from the importer of digital services into a country that produces and exports digital services under the brand "Made in Azerbaijan", becoming a main seller of Internet access in the region in the coming future. The program will allow Azerbaijan to become a digital hub of a larger region covering the Caucasus, CIS, Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia, and provide better digital services to 1.8 billion people (a quarter of the world population) in the near future.

The “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” was launched in 2018 by AzerTelecom, the backbone internet provider and a part of NEQSOL Holding international group of companies. The program envisages the transformation of the country into a regional digital hub, in addition to its current status of the energy and transport hub. The program consists of three phases:

  • The establishment of sustainable local and foreign infrastructure which also includes “Digital Silk Road” – a digital telecommunication corridor between Europe and Asia through Azerbaijan;
  • Construction of a regional Data Center in Azerbaijan and turning Baku into Internet Exchange Point;
  • The formation of a robust digital ecosystem in Azerbaijan.

The program provides an important basis for the sustainable development of the information and communication technology sector, the country's National IT and National Innovation Strategy in the context of "Industry 4.0" (Fourth Industrial Revolution), that Azerbaijan has recently stepped in, making a strong contribution to the acceleration of digitalization, rapid transformation to the digital economy, and development of start-ups and IT architecture. The program will also enable the country to take the leading positions in international rankings.



Azerbaijan is a new digital center of the world