Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

One of the major projects in the second phase of “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program is to turn Baku into a Internet Exchange Point (IXP).

Currently, Internet traffic around the world is obtained from Internet Exchange Points located in different regions and countries. These centers are considered to be Internet and content distribution centers. London (LINX), Frankfurt (DE CIX), Amsterdam (AMS IX), Sofia (IQNET-IX), Moscow (CEC IX), Istanbul (IQNET-IX) and others can be named among them. According to Telegeography, there were 528 points in the world in 2018.

Turning Baku into Internet Exchange Point means that regions such as Central and South Asia and the Middle East will no longer receive Internet services from European Internet centers, but from the nearest city of Baku, which will lead to higher internet speeds, less latency and affordable tariff.

Azerbaijan is a new digital center of the world