The Project of digital infrastructure development in the country


AzerTelecom has launched a project to build a sustainable backbone cable infrastructure within the country as part of the first phase of the “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program. This project is the Azerbaijani part of the “Digital Silk Way” project. Relevant documents have been signed between AzerTelecom and Azerbaijan Railways CJSC on the construction of sustainable backbone fibre-optic cable lines along the protective zone of existing railways for the construction of relevant infrastructure in the country.

The construction of a fibre-optic backbone infrastructure along the railways will enable Azerbaijan to become a Digital Hub of the region in the shortest possible time, along with the status of Transport and Energy Corridor. The project is also being implemented by AzerTelecom within the project of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC on transformation of the country into the Transport Hub.

The construction of backbone fibre-optic cable lines along the railways will strengthen the digital infrastructure of the country, will form a new sustainable infrastructure across the country, broadband fibre-optic cable ties with neighboring states - Russia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran, and the intersection of these infrastructures in our country, and will give an important impetus to the development of the telecommunications sector.

The implementation of this project will lead to the intersection of infrastructure of various international telecom operators in the North-South, East-West directions in our country. Its realization will also contribute to the strengthening of infrastructure of Azerbaijan Railways, introduction of new technologies throughout the infrastructure and overall digitization.

Azerbaijan is a new digital center of the world